Patient Care Technician

Study From Home and Participate in live hands-on/practical clinical externship

GET TRAINED & NATIONALLY CERTIFIED in a few days. National Certification Included in Tuition.

This program includes 3 National Certifications

  • Patient Care Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • EKG

New Career Training Institute’s accelerated home study Patient Care Technician program features a blended 100-hours of online lecture or paper-based study material in the comfort of your own home, and a required two days of live hands-on/practical clinical internship with a Licensed instructor held in a classroom lab or healthcare setting that will give you real-life experience you can put on your résumé and prepare you for a new career. National Certification Included in Tuition.

Method of Evaluation: Students must achieve a minimum of 70% final average and must be in attendance 100% of the mandatory 2 day clinical in order to pass competencies. Students must be in proper attire (any color scrubs, closed-toe shoes, properly groomed)

Certification: Included in this course is the National exam.

Textbook(s): are included in the cost of tuition and will be distributed via mail or email.

Expectations for taking this course: Homework assignments will be submitted and quizzes will be taken by the student.

During the course, there will be lab skills activities, and a mandatory 2-3 days at a clinic to practice your skills. The National Certification exam is included in this course. This is included in the tuition

How long does it take to complete this program? 

This program is self-paced and open enrollment, so you can start when you want and finish at your own pace.

*Average completion time for this program if you study on a full time basis is about 6 weeks

*Average completion time for this program if you study on a part time basis is about 8 weeks

You must be a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in order to enroll in the PCT certificate program.

Complete your course work online, through the mail, or in combination.

You can study either via the paper-based or the online method: Click here for a full breakdown of how it Works

Externship – Additional Externships are available to you. It is a 40-hour clinical externship for $300. The additional 40-hour clinical externships are available once you have completed the Training course. The 40 externship hours are not included in this training. Please contact Dr. Miller when you are ready to register for the 40- hour-externship. The educational objective of this clinical externship gives students the chance to spend up to 40 hours in diverse settings and practice hands-on skills. *Clinical Externships start twice a month in 36 states on the 1st and the 15th.

As a patient care technician (PCT), you will have daily hands-on experiences with patients by helping them with procedures such as taking vital signs, performing electrocardiography (ECG), blood draws, hemodialysis and other needs.
You’ll work in settings such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis facilities and home health care agencies.

Because PCTs work with patients on a daily basis, they need to have solid communication skills and be empathetic and attentive to their needs.

The PCT training program will teach you the job duties and responsibilities of:

  • Drawing blood
  • Performing catheterizations
  • Removing sutures and staples
  • Managing wound care
  • Administering ECGs
  • Operating dialysis equipment and performing treatment procedures
  • Performing emergency room skills (splits, immobilizations, nasogastric tube removal)
  • Inserting intravenous saline locks


Patient care technicians (PCT) work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, dialysis facilities and home health care agencies. They provide not only bedside care, but also compassion and serve as a communicator for patients’ needs. PCTs have hands-on experiences every day. They are responsible for a variety of duties, such as taking vital signs, performing electrocardiography (ECG), blood draws, hemodialysis and much more. The PCT career is fulfilling for those who want day-to-day interactions with patients, nurses, doctors and patients’ families. During your PCT program at New Career Institute, you’ll receive real-world clinical training, which can further advance your health care career.


New Career Institute’s Patient Care Technician (PCT) certificate program will train you to work hands-on with patients who have a variety of health care needs. PCTs are trained to conduct blood draws, catheterizations, wound care and the removal of sutures and staples. They can also administer electrocardiography (ECGs), take vital signs, operate dialysis equipment and perform emergency room procedures. In order to enroll, you must already be a certified nursing assistant.

Specifics About the Course:

  • Classes are divided into two components: Home study learning /lecture and Clinical Lab experience
  • Learning /lecture – is done at your own pace on your schedule (approximately total 300 hours).
  • Clinical Lab experience – Students are required to complete hands-on practical training at a pre-approved clinical setting.
  • Course Materials – are included.
  • Tutoring – One-on-one communication with your instructor.
  • Exam Preparation – FREE CERTIFICATION PREPARATION prior to students taking their certification exams.
  • Certification Exams are administered on site at clinical lab session.
  • Clinical Class size – Class sizes are kept small to maximize instructor to student learning.
  • Payment – affordable, interest free, low monthly payment plans.
  • Tuition $998
  • Separate Registration Fee $260
  • Completion Time: The length of this program is (approximately 300 hours).


Patient care technicians may experience diverse career opportunities due to the variety of skills they acquire, which also allows them to choose from a multitude of working environments. As the health care industry expands because of technological advances in medicine and the growth and aging of the population, there will be an increased need for health care workers. All health care-related occupations are projected to increase by more than 10 percent nationally through 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Patient care technicians have a variety of opportunities available to them. They may work in numerous settings, such as hospitals, home health care agencies, rehabilitation centers, dialysis facilities and assisted living facilities.

The Patient Care Technician program at NCTI prepares graduates for a career in the health care field, such as a:

  • Hospital caregiver
  • Emergency department technician
  • Patient advocate
  • Burn technician
  • Dialysis technician
  • ECG monitoring technician
  • Rehabilitation center technician


Program graduates receive a Certificate of Completion in Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy & EKG Training, which—can get them an entry-level job as a Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomist or EKG technician. Students are also eligible to sit for the National Exam to become a certified patient care technician, phlebotomist, or EKG technician.

A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. You should check with your state, local government and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state.